Chambre froide professionnel - Vente et installation 

Be Cool Solutions you install modular cold rooms industrial or hooks for the conservation of food products.

Subject to hygiene standards and strict environment, these cold room systems adapt to shops, supermarkets, work rooms and industrial premises.

Industrial and commercial cold, Be Cool Solutions brings you the solution through the installation and sale of equipment. You need and we respond to the best advising you and being your interlocutor throughout your project.

Cooler, cold room, refrigerated showcase, small equipment, ice maker, we are at your disposal for installation and troubleshooting

We also install refrigerated cabinets of sales involved in the cold at the stage of the distribution chain.

They are intended to expose and to conserve foodstuffs including temperature, imposed by regulations, must be kept as constant as possible.

A cold piece of classic sale is composed of a thermally insulated structure of ensuring the distribution of cold in the Cabinet and arrangements for the presentation and storage of foodstuffs.